Paper on business ethics of Dennis Kozlowski and Tyco fraud.

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Top management or the board of directors always face hard to deal with situations. Such problems include diversity, influencing, business ethics, and etc. Most hard to deal with and hard to prevent problem would be business ethics. Good business ethics alone is morally important within the company, but when top management is involved with unethical business tactics then there is a major problem. To deal with these unethical tactics by companies, there are many laws set by the government and investigations led by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). Many of the violators are often prosecuted but come with great expense before they are arrested. A good example about unethical business tactics in recent news concerns with Tyco International and three of their top management members. But before dissecting the problems of top management, understanding what Tyco International is about and their practices is extremely important.

Tyco International is a very diversified manufacturing and service company.

It's electronic division itself, Tyco Electronics, offers products and services to more then two hundred thousand customers in fifty-five countries with over seven hundred fifty global product lines. Tyco Electronics revenues are 10.5 billion. Tyco also provides products and services in healthcare worldwide. Tyco Healthcare produces more then fifty thousand different medical products globally and also the leading acetaminophen in the world. Because of it's medical, surgical, imagine and various retail products, Tyco Health care rakes in revenue of 7.9 billion annually. Not only does Tyco International provide health care and electronics, they also are the biggest producer of plastic trash bags in the United States. Tyco International also provides fire and securities. ADT, owned by Tyco, serves over 7.8 million customers. Tyco International connects the world with its products. They produce enough cabling products to be wrap around the world six times. Besides its...