A Paper Concerning The Growing Problem of Obesity.

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Obesity is a disease that affects 39 million Americans: more than one-quarter of adults and about one of every five children. Each year, obesity causes 300,000 deaths in the U.S. Obesity is a chronic, metabolic disease caused by a combination of complex inherited and acquired factors, including excessive calorie and food intake, decreased physical activity, and genetic influences. The defining characteristics are excess body fat and the long-term treatment and management are necessary to achieve and sustain weight loss. Today more than 70 million Americans are overweight. This has all happened due to Americans becoming lazy and slothful, the overload use of technology, and the easiness to eat or sit. We can't change our genes, but we can change our behavior. Small victories in weight loss (often as little as 10% of total body mass) can result in positive effects on health and well-being, even if an ideal weight remains obscured.

The positive effects of regular physical activity include lower blood pressure and increased cardio- respiratory fitness. My solution is to have people exercise more, even if they don't reach their desired weight and to control what they eat or are subjected to eat.

In the last ten years, the proportion of the population that is obese has increased from 25 percent to 32 percent - a level that may be considered epidemic and is increasing rather than decreasing. I believe this is a fact of laziness because it is the individual's fault, even if they blame fast food restaurants, it is their fault. A man who dependedon fast food restaurants as his breakfast, lunch, and dinner, suffered two heart attacks and developed diabetes. He claims that he always believed fast food was good for him and joined a group of plaintiffs bringing a lawsuit against McDonald's, Burger...