This paper covers the effects of imperialism on India

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Imperialism: The Effects on India

Between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, European nations flourished. They gained control over a majority of the Western Hemisphere. From 1880 and 1914, Western powers set out to gain power in many places such as Asia, India, Africa, and the Pacific. The western European domination was known as imperialism. The Europeans believe that it was their God-given right to bring civilization to the "un civilized" people. They believed that imperialism was good, and their tasks were not out of greed, but for the love of God. The Europeans used trickery to take advantage of weakened empires in India to expand their territory and influence. The blinded efforts of the Europeans to better their economy and extend their influence weakened the ancient society in India, but an uprising for imperial rule.

By the middle of the nineteenth century Europeans began to speak of imperialism; by the 1880s the term began to appear in speeches and writings throughout Western Europe (Bentley 934).

Imperialism is the policy or action by which a country owns another country or territory. In this case imperialism refers to the domination of European powers. This domination sometimes came by force by military powers, but often took place from trade, investments, and business activities that enabled imperial powers to profit from subject societies and influence their affairs without going to the trouble of exercising direct political control (Bentley 935). Imperialism was based off of colonialism. Colonialism was far more than just sending colonist to settle new lands but also to settle the political, social, economic, and cutltural structures that allowed imperial powers to dominate subject lands (Bentley 935).

The European settelers turned the small lands in which they had settled on into colonies and profoundly influenced thier historical devlopment by controlling their domestic and...