This paper covers the topic of Odysseus being a false heroin: "The Odyssey".

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Odysseus: A False Hero.

Throughout the story of the Odyssey, the character Odysseus is certainly depicted as an epic hero. However, people's opinions on what a hero actually is differ. To some, Odysseus is not considered a hero on any level. To even be considered a hero, one must fulfill three main characteristics. One of the three characteristics is bravery. One must certainly be brave to ever accomplish anything. Another characteristic is respect. An individual must be respected by others to gain the status as a hero, and without respect, one is only looked down upon. Finally, to fulfill the label of hero, one must be a role model, because a hero is always looked up to, and sets general examples and morals for others.

Being a hero requires many things, one of which is bravery. In The Odyssey, Odysseus does not show he has bravery, and tends to rely on the Gods when he is put in difficult situations.

In book five, Odysseus is caught in a storm caused by the enraged Poseidon. Odysseus's ship is wrecked, and he relies on the protective veil given to him by Ino to survive his shipwreck. While Odysseus is still out at sea being tossed around in the storm, he also relies on the help of Athena, who comes to his rescue, allowing him to swim to the waters of a river up the coast, walking inland to the protection of a forest. Seeing that Odysseus relied on Athena and Ino in a situation such as this, it shows he is not brave. He is incapable of navigating his ship through the storm, or saving his own life by safely getting to land without Athena or Ino's help. Once Odysseus gets to land, he once again relies on the...