This paper describes the change leaders, agents and targets in the movie "Remember the Titans".

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Remember the Titans takes place in a time when the world is changing and they are being faced to deal with it. The racial problems going on in the seventies were severely disturbing to the town of Alexandria, Virginia because they were being forced to integrate two schools. There are riots and extreme dislike between everyone involved. It is at this time that the football team is getting their first taste of what their season is going to be like. The school board hands over the head coaching job to a black man, Coach Boone, who they expect to fail. He takes the team to camp and revamps the way that the see the world, or atleast the way most of them do. When they return home from camp all the problems are still there and the story begins to unfold. There are key players and people that influence what goes on at this time in history.

The following pages will attempt to explain these characters and their relationships within the town and the team. It will also try to show how people changed because of the change leaders, agents and targets.

Change Leader

Gary's role as a change leader was crucial for the survival of the team. Prior to the integration of the two teams, he was already named a captain of the white team. After the integration he remained a captain and was a true leader of the football team, on and off the field. If Gary and Julius were not accepting of each other, the rest of the team would not have been as accepting either. However, not every player was as accepting as Gary was toward the black players. Gary understood that there was a need for change and wanted to move from the present...