This is a paper that I did in English Comp 2. It is in you Literature book. Its about a story on A&P, represents the American Middle-Class Value System.

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English Comp II

Prof. Mc Kendry

County College of Morris

" A&P "

In "A&P", the supermarket represents the American Middle-Class Value System. This value system plays a major role in the lives of the customers and the townspeople. Conservativeness and old-fashion thinking were portrayed in the customers of the A&P. They supported the traditional ideas about the family with the roles of women in society. In the A&P, the women were labeled as "houseslaves". They did all the grocery shopping in the family, and nothing more. The women were very conformist, sheeplike.

The value of no sex initiated the dress code of the A&P. Customers were dressed appropriately, which showed purity. Cleanliness both morally and physically was expected. The orderliness such as where the things are placed, following the traffic rules, and the hierarchy of manager (Lendell) to employee (Sammy) all supported the rules and regulations of the American Middle-Class Value System.

The Capitalistic System Values play an important role in both the town and the A&P. The town had three real estate agencies and two banks. The A&P was a business, a store where the townspeople could go and save money. They believe, "a penny saved is a penny earned". The A&P was also a place that offered jobs to people who needed them (Stoksie and Sammy who were employees of the A&P).

The character that represents the American Middle-Class Value System is the store manager, Lendell. After seeing the three girls walk into the store in bathing suits, Lendell addressed the girls by telling them the rules of the dress code in the A&P, and lets them know that it is not appropriate. There it shows that Lendell is supporting one of the many values of the American Middle-Class Value System.

The character that represents...