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When interviewing a person for a job as a pathologist first before the interview the selection tool they should use is the honesty and integrity test. For interviewing the person this author believes a panel interview would be the best way to go. Pathologists have to be good at their jobs to figure out how a person died especially if they were murdered. They must have a doctorate degree and have all the right qualifications. First we will discuss the honesty and integrity test as a selection tool with hiring.

Selection ToolBeing a pathologist you must always tell the truth and have the facts to back up the truth. Using an honesty and integrity test can tell a potential employer if that person possesses those traits to make a good pathologist. The honesty and integrity test, tests potential employers tendencies to protect, be lenient, admit thought, admit behavior, consider common, excuse, and lie.

For protect this question is aimed at finding out if this person was employed would they protect friends or co workers if they did something wrong or would they tell the appropriate person in that situation. For the question on being lenient it asks potential employers question on whether they would let people or co workers get away with lying even if it was just a small lie. The question on admitting thought would get the person to admit whether or not they have thought about stealing or doing bad things without doing them. Admitting behavior asks questions to try and find out if this potential employer has ever stolen anything from previous employers even something as small as a pencil. Consider common question asks if they think its okay to conduct bad behaviors at the workplace if they see others do the same things. Excuse asks...