This paper is about different kinds of employee benefits. From health insurance to dental insurance and savings plans.

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The pathologists here at the Jeffersonian institute work very hard and are a necessity that this institute cannot exist without them. Pathologist need employee benefits such as health insurance, time off, retirement and savings plan. They also need a dental plan and long term disability insurance. If the pathologists that are employed here get those items the chance of them staying here for a long time is guaranteed. So this is my proposal.

Health InsuranceThere are a few health insurance policies to go with there are Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, an HMO, health investor PPO and a heath investor HMO. The first one Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO would be a health insurance where the employee can pick his or her own provider also they offer preventive care to help the employees stay healthy. If the employee chooses a network provider they pay $250 for just themselves and $500 for their whole family a year.

They would also have prescription drug coverage, lower co-pays and deductibles. If the employee were to choose a non network provider they would pay $750 for themselves and $1500 for their entire family. It would not cover prescriptions and their co-pays and deductibles would be higher (Florida Gulf Coast University, 2008).

Under a standard HMO plan you have to do to a doctor that is under the HMO also they do not treat pre-existing conditions. With a HMO for an individual it would cost $1500 and for an employee with a family it would cost $3000. The good thing about this is plan is the co-pays are low, there is no deductible and it covers prescription medications (Florida Gulf Coast University, 2008).

With a health investor PPO you have the choice to see what doctor you want to see. If...