This paper is a discriptive car crash I once had.

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Car Crash

Car Crash It only takes a few seconds to realize how under-appreciated the gift of life really is. I still remember the exact moment in which I began to understand that life is the most valuable gift that I have ever been given. Never again since that moment will I forget how quickly that gift can be taken away. A few seconds earlier or later, a few inches left or right, or maybe just a little less luck could change what will turn out to be a life-altering experience into a life-ending disaster. As I look back, I remember the entire incident detail for detail. The date was December 20, and it is a seasonably cold winter day in the small town of Macon, Georgia. Nothing, in my mind, leads me to believe today would be anything other than a normal day. I am driving down a main road, on my way to my place of employment, Deeds Housing, to pick up my paycheck.

There is one more stop, and I will be heading home to relax, for I have a entire weekend to myself ahead of me. By the looks of things, there are not many people out, and there are very few cars driving around town. Other than the cars parked along the sides of the road, it seems as if I have the entire road to myself. I have been driving for a little over a year, and I have taken these same roads countless numbers of times, both night and day. What I do not know though, is that this time will be different. As I drive along with my windows up and music playing, I notice a car coming in the other direction. I approach the intersection of a small side street...