How to paper on doing a no footed can can in freestyle MX

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So your at the local track and you want to impress your friends or better yet some hot ladies

that are watching you from the side lines. Well throw a no footed can can over the next jump and

amaze some people! Their easy!

The no footed can can can (that's a lotta cans) be completed in only a few easy steps.

1. Find a small to medium size jump to start out on. I suggest a 30-35 foot table top. A smaller jump

will work but it gets tricky with the smaller jumps. A bigger jump works too but you gotta have a little

more guts to try it off the bigger ones. Just try it where you feel comfortable. If your not comfortable

you shouldn't be trying to throw the trick.

2. Once you get your quad in the air it might be easier to try can cans first if you haven't done them yet.

If you have the can can down thats good because doing the no footed version is almost as easy. You

can skip to the next step in that case. You have to know you have the ability to bring one foot up and

over the seat. Make sure your able to lift your foot high enough to clear the seat, don't be rubbing the

seat with the heel of your boot.

3. If you have the can can down then you can start doing the no footer can. Its basically the same

technique as doing a can can but instead of just bringing your foot over the seat you need your other leg

to be out too. The correct way to do this is to do the motion for the can can normal but at the same

time kick your other...