A paper encompassing how "knights" in the midieval times grow to what they are. Through chivalric values and hard work they become defenders of their society

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The Medieval times were an era that gave us images of simplistic virtue and value. This was a time when people rode horseback into the city, bought bread from wagons, and where kings ruled the land and chivalry made you a noble person. Little technology, at least as we know it, was present. Candles served as lights and wood as wheels. But in this era chivalry was a way of life and was to be expected especially for the people known as "knights." These people in shining armor were the protectors of Castles and their Kings, and if attacked, they showed no fear in protecting the people they loved. It was their choice and duty. Armed with protection they drew their desired weapon and went to battle despite the grim consequences at hand. For this they received the utmost respect and respected all who they came into contact with, even their enemies.

This was the way of the knight.

I will depict the story of a knight and the road he must take in order to become this man in shining armor. A knight shows similarities that have been passed on through time. But in the medieval times, a knight lived on strict boundaries and had to demonstrate loyalty, honor, and courage, as well as, a high level of chivalry in order to hold the title of "knight." As talked about in class, chivalry was sometimes overlooked in this era but it was never an issue when dealing with a knight. There was much discipline associated with this individual and the steps that led him into the class of knighthood were very structured. These were hard times and people had very little money. Struggling was a way of life and added much character for those who succeeded. This was an...