This paper exaplins the recent scandal with Martha Stewart and it talks about other recent scandals and how they relate to Martha's situation.

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Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia: Martha's Everyday Problems

Case Summary

Martha Stewart, born in 1941 as Martha Kostyra, grew up in Nutley, New Jersey in a working-class family with six children. At an early age her mother taught her the basics of cooking, baking, canning, and sewing and her father introduced her to gardening. Because of this, her parents helped develop Martha's passion for cooking, gardening, and homekeeping, which eventually lead to the creation of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSLO) (Company).

Martha earned her bachelor's degree in history and architectural history at Barnard College. She married during her sophomore year and after graduating became a successful stockbroker. In 1972, Martha, her husband, and her daughter, Alexis, moved to Westport, Connecticut, where she developed a catering business that displayed her cooking ability and uniqueness. This is how Martha got the idea for her first book entitled "Entertaining," which was published in 1982.

Years later Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSLO) was born and Martha became America's best-known homemaker (Company).

MSLO is a leading provider of original "how to" content and products for the home. The "Martha Stewart" brand is leveraged across four business segments - Publishing, Television, Merchandising, and Internet/Direct Commerce. MSLO has eight core content areas - Home, Cooking and Entertaining, Gardening, Crafts, Holiday, Keeping, Weddings, and Baby and Kids - in which creative experts are constantly seeking and developing new ideas to maintain the high quality and value associated with the brand. The experts at MSLO produce an extensive collection of "how to" articles, books, television programs, newspaper columns, radio segments and products relating to the eight core content areas throughout the four business segments (Company).

Publishing is MSLO's largest business segment, which accounted for $182.6 million of total revenues for 2002. It includes magazines such as Martha Stewart Living...