This paper explores how economic inequality affects individuals and communities (Canadian content).

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Every year, the lives of many Canadians are affected due to the grim reality of economic inequality. This problem has been around for many years and shows no signs of reversing, which poses many other problems and spin-offs that involves the vast majority of our growing population. Dennis Raphael's article on "How Economic Inequality Affects the Health of Individuals and Communities" enlightens us on how societies with greater inequality have a common prevalence and association with poor health.

In this essay, clarifying Raphael's message is essential when trying to gain knowledge about what our society must face day in and day out. As I illustrate his message, I will also be supporting his ideas with information from his article, as well as, giving my insight on the matter. This will allow a clear explanation of his message. My assessment will conclude the argument, which is essential in becoming aware of the inequalities that are present and how this affects the status of public health and its individuals.

Raphael uses many polls and surveys but I will not present this information to you in this form. I will clarify his message and findings through my own statements in order to make my opinion clear and precise.

Raphael clearly believes that economic inequality affects the whole population. As well as the poor, even the wealthy population is affected due to the ever-growing inequality gap. Raphael supports this statement in his article, which clearly states, "On the broader level of analysis, recent research indicates that not only the poor but all members of a society begin to show health effects within unequal societies." With the presence of certain societal failures, such as, residential areas, "ghettos" and "slums" are a part of our community, which demonstrate concern, and a lack of cohesion...