This paper explores the idea of hate in todays society. it examines the need of christian values in our present world, and the need for hatred to end,

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Put a Halt on Hate

Throughout these past couple weeks we have been discussing the idea of racism, discrimination, prejudice, and hate crimes. The unit began with Steven Spielbergs masterpiece Shindlers List I have watched this movie twice now and am longing to watch it again, it is one of those films that has a way of just bring forth so many emotions. It is so difficult to watch a film that is based on something so horrific yet truthful. At times I found myself in shock and disbelief that a human being could be responsible for orchestrating such savage acts. However, it is this savagery that truly allows us to see the capacity each human is given to commit horrific acts. After briefly studying the Holocaust and witnessing what had gone on during that terrible time period it was a relief to sit back and look where things are today, and come to the conclusion that the hate is lost with history, or so I thought.

The last week of this unit was accompanied by a documentary entitled Hearts of Hate which displayed recent hate crimes and activities that are taking place today. This is probably what shocked me most to be made aware that such activities involving hate and racism are still immensely significant in today's society. I believe that this social justice course is doing it's job in that it is teaching each of us what is really going on behind all the newspapers and propaganda and truly waking us to the reality. Before this documentary I had no idea that such activities were going on. I'd like to believe that the worst of the crimes is through however, I know this is not the case. I feel it is essentially to speak of these realities...