This paper gives a brief biograpghy of Thomas Watson Jr. and how he built IBM into the company it is today.

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CIS 110

Thomas J. Watson Jr.: IBM Savior

Many of us choose to live through life just wishing that somehow we could have it all. Wishing that we could wake up on top of the world and have no worries or no struggles. I guess you could say that scenario fits Thomas J. Watson Jr. except for the fact that he worked/started from the bottom and then took over for his father. However, Thomas Watson Jr. far out done any expectations that was set for him when he took over IBM. He was gambler and a veteran but had the vision to make IBM what it is today.

Thomas J. Watson Jr. was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1914. This was the year his father joined forces with IBM. His father, Thomas Watson Sr., was well known in this company and became one of the big men in the corporation.

Thomas Watson Jr. grew up the eldest son of the President of International Business Machines. He was always full of self-doubt and he grew up tortured by all this doubt. This self-doubt lead to many bouts of depression and agony over the corporation his father was running. He always had the fear that his father wanted him to grow up, join the company and take over where his father left off. This thought was the major factor in all his depression because even at an early age he never saw himself heading a corporation especially one that was already significant. He constantly went to his mother crying over that very thought; always weeping in her lap and saying, " I can't do it, I can't go to work for IBM." However this was part of the early stages of his life and little did he...