This paper gives an opinion on injuries in the workplace due to computers

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I disagree with OSHA and the Government creating laws regarding computer usage in the workplace. No one has ever died because from sitting on a computer all day but discomfort and injury may occur. What I think should happen is a law that allows hourly breaks from the computer. Most employers allow this anyway providing coffee and snacks for employees. I believe there are laws regarding breaks already. As long as an employee can get up and stretch to regain circulation. I myself have worked on a computer most of the day and haven't felt any problems because of it. The employer most likely has chairs with back support readily available. Good posture is the way of preventing such fatigue.

The reason I most disagree with OSHA getting involved is that there a real pain, and can slow productivity. We go to work for one thing and that is to WORK. My previous experience on a jobsite shows the importance of OSHA when lives are at stake. These men use there hands all day, and their employer is not held responsible if when they go home sore. I believe were raising a nation of sissies and everyone has to complain about something. If your hands hurt get a new job, we are fortunate to have that choice as Americans. What I do think needs to improve is the employer providing sufficient healthcare for employees in case issues such as this would arise. Employers are ethically responsible for educating employees on good posture and the dangers of the issue. I do feel that this issue may become more of a problem as the world becomes more technology advanced.

The issue of productivity comes into concern with the laws. As outsourcing becomes a bigger problem for the United States we have to keep that in mind. People in other countries are probably not going to complain about problems such as these. All in all this is a highly controversial topic and further research must be conducted before laws are passed. We should be more concerned about the radiation given off by these machines and the effects it there are having on are environment.