Paper on Healthcare, the good and bad of state sponsored healthcare programs. 800 words.

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This paper will attempt to argue that both healthcare should be given to citizens of the United States and that healthcare should not be given to our citizens.

Not all people can afford health care. Everyone needs health care, therefore it should be guaranteed to all U.S. citizens. On the other hand, healthcare is wildly expensive and would be difficult to accomplish guaranteed healthcare for all. So, taxes must be raised in order to achieve federal health care services.

Some countries in Europe offer health plans sponsored by the government for its entire population. Why, some of the European countries have social programs that would compete with some of the former socialist regimes. There are deep rooted socialist views in many of the eastern European countries. As we have seen in the past, communism does not work in reality, nor does socialism. Crossing the line between democracy and socialism is not exactly clearly defined in all cases.

One could consider a leader half socialist if that leader would try to pass this type of thing through a democratic government. Another reason for America not going along with this idea of 'free' healthcare is the taxes that would have to be levied to all. There is just no way that people would go along with this. With the state of current social programs, such as welfare, how could the government possibly take on something so much more complicated?

Healthcare for all citizens of our country would be a nice change. With the population in the situation we are in today there must be some changes at some point in time. A large portion of our society lies in elderly people and young people. This gap is widening due to the population boom after world war II.

If the government...