This paper will identify and describe the different business models and how they have evolved over time.

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This paper will identify and describe the different business models and how they have evolved over time using examples by Goggle, Netflix, and Amazon. I will describe how these businesses evolved significantly from their original business model. Business models that I will include are advertising, marketing, and competitive strategies.

Google is an internet search engine that also helps organizations receives traffic to their website. In 1996 Google began as a research project. In 1997 the domain was registered as "On September 7, 1998 at a friend's garage in Menlo Park, California. The total initial investment raised for the new company amounted to almost US$1.1 million, including a US$100,000 check by Andy Bechtolsheim." (n.a., 2008) Google is an advertisement company, but it started by advertising its services through other websites and other search engines. Yahoo makes its google search advertising agreement public. Now google advertises other organizations and it began with the adwords revolution ion 2004.

Online advertising joined the marketing mix to promote their products or services. People began to spend more time online and the internet became another channel which companies can advertise their goods.

Google search tools are now in different langauges, 36 to be exact. (;;; and Google's evolution also involves free Gmail from google. Google's content now includes news pages, special-interest websites, and blogs. Over time, google came up with other helpful links such as,, These links were created to be helpful for users inquiring about cost of an advertisement through google. Through this page payments, billing, and advertising policies are included. Google has surpassed its competition of search engine websites, and its marketing and advertisement strategies are incomparible.

The other company I will briefly discuss is Netflix. Netflix is one of the fastest...