This is a paper about the Industrial Revolution's positive and negative effects.

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The Industrial Revolution is possibly the greatest revolution ever expensed by the world, greater than the American and French revolutions, and quite possibly greater than the agricultural revolution. While the Revolution has forever changed the way we live and view things, it is not known to many people just how great an impact it has had. There are many positive aspects that is true, but like anything, with the positive come the negative as well. The revolution has both made people beyond their dreams rich, and has made some have to put their children into work, some as young as 6 years old.

While the revolution has drawn much attention for its negative aspects, there are really major positives that it has brought. There are many more jobs now available, so there are many families that are better off because of the Revolution. While a very high number of people were unemployed prior to the beginning of the revolution, a very high number of people now have jobs and can help out their families.

There are so many people working that children have to work now because the demand for work is so high. Because so many people are now working, the standard of life for those people has grown tremendously. Many people can now afford food and rent.

Women were also been able to move up socially. They could get jobs and add more to the family, rather than just staying at home and taking care of the family and of the house. Women gained very much because of the Revolution.

Another thing that people would gain during the Revolution was the ability to know move upward in social class. With many people becoming millionaires almost overnight, they could almost instantly go from poor working class to...