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PART I. Discuss the main thrust of the book: analyze the main arguments--point out what intended to accomplish.

"What is the freedom and why is it prized? Why freedom has lot of problems?" According to the author and by my understanding, by a part it is because "the idea of freedom has been connected with the idea of individuality." And in this book > John Dewey argued that the reason is also because most person at his time, which was during the beginning of Second World War, were "occupy an intermediate and compromise position between two extreme side." Indeed, in 1936 the Spanish civil war, a war between Communists and Fascists which representing two extreme sides of political believe is the best explanation for us to understand his comment. The author tried to demonstrate in addition why, how and causes of political social and economical straggle within different schools. For example, why British and United Sates have different conception in the issue of "liberty under law," although both "associated freedom with qualities that cause human beings to be individuals in the distinctive sense of that word," what is thus the true American background of liberty.

Or why German philosopher consider the individual freedom which was the natural right of mankind according to the philosophers of the Revolution (French) as the freedom of primitive sensuous animality.

PART II. Discuss two or there major points, things you learned, agreed/disagreed with, etc.

In American as in English liberal tradition, according to the author the idea of freedom has been connected with the idea of individuality, of the individual. It is considering as "the very nature of individuality." However, the author believed that the issue has been viewed (at least during his time) differently in the European continent. The freedom in the mainland is...