A paper about the Mary Kay LeTourneau case. Her life, struggles, the case, and an educated explanation of the criminal theory she falls under.

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Mary Kay Letourneau became a parent's worst nightmare. Children are assumed safe and protected while in the care of teacher and it would be implausible for their child to become romantically involved with his or her own teacher. What makes a thirty- four year old woman to fall in love with a fourteen year old male? The details of the crime will clarify the trait theory that Mary Kay Letourneau is categorized.

Mary Katherine Schmitz was born on January 30, 1962 southern California. She was the daughter of a respected politician father and a homemaker mother. Her parents were devout Catholics and she was the fourth of seven children. Growing up Mary Kay was active in school activities and always idolized her father. Academics were never important to her and she spent much of her time attending parties and taking road trips to Mexico. In 1970 her father won a seat in the United States House of Representatives and the family moved to Washington D.C.

John Schmitz then became the presidential candidate for the Independent party in 1972 but lost. The Schmitz family then moved back to California.

Mary Kay's first tragedy struck August 11, 1973 when she was responsible for her three year old brother, Philip. When friends and family gathered in the background his body was noticed floating in the pool. No person was found responsible for his death however; Mary Kay always felt that her parents blamed the death on her.

In 1975, a sex scandal broke loose about Mary Kay's father. John had been carrying a long time affair with a former student of his and had fathered two of her children. The scandal only caused a brief separation period between her parents. They reconciled shortly after. Mary Kay remained loyal to her father by claiming...