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I am writing on the massacre at Tiananmen Square and my argument is that the government was wrong in their actions and should have just let the students protest and everything would have been all right.

The events leading up to the Tiananmen Square incident began when the Chinese Revolution ended in 1949. From then, the Chinese government was established as Communists under General Mao.

In 1969, China's former ally, the Soviet Union, invaded China and caused serious damage. The Soviet Union had a far stronger military and so, China made a strategic decision to open to the West. China began its new program of reform and further opening to the West. Reforms unfolded rapidly after 1979. Private enterprises were allowed and in 1982, communes were abolished. Prices were controlled over the next decade; private enterprises were allowed to grow; the physical mobility of labor was permitted; and rationing was gradually abolished.

People's fear of expressing different opinions subsided, and the range of ideas that could be publicly expressed increased until the Tiananmen Square incident.

From the mid-eighties, many student demonstrations occurred in China, a testament to the increased westernization during that time. Each demonstration led to the increased tension resulting in Tiananmen Square.

The culmination of tension occurred in early 1989 when Hu Yaobang, former General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party an advocate of both economic and political reforms, died in April 1989. It was then that students gathered in Tiananmen Square to mourn the loss of a respected leader. What began as a profound expression of sorrow, however, would soon develop into the massive pro-democracy government declared Martial Law on Beijing in hopes of intimidating the demonstrators. Through the month of May, the student protestors organized hunger strikes, rallies, and even erected a "Goddess of Democracy"...