A paper about Obesity in the USA.

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Let's admit it; we have all heard the saying that the United States is a country of obesity; even I was fat a good portion of my life. However, with all these hippopotamus' running around, we fail to realize that the American standard for "normal sized" has been thrown off pitch and we really do not realize how many people are actually fat. The ignorance is even greater for teenagers who are still in school which can likely be attributed to the healthy level of self consciousness that most schoolchildren possess which is a motivator to keep them from becoming overweight. Not until I was hired for the most tedious job ever at The Home Depot did I begin to see just how many people are fat.

Before Home Depot, I would always hear about how those four to six hour shifts at work are horrible, so my two hour day shifts should be a breeze right? Wrong.

Perhaps if I had something to do more than sit at a HVAC table all day waiting for customers to inquire about air conditioning, then work would not be so dull. However, boredom can be a great eye opener, and the people of America are passing by my vision all the time. Everyday at work I will see many fat people pass me by, but I don't think much of it; it is almost as if living in America trains your brains to think that those ten to five hundred pounds is really just the norm, after all, healthy fit Americans are rare and far apart. There is one event at work that has ripped my eyes wide open, and that is what leads me to realize just how obese America is.

It was a sunny day at Home Depot, and the...