A paper on patriotism

Essay by W0Nluv May 2002

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"Americans are patriots, we are loyal, we are soldiers and we will do anything for our country, when we face adversity, we will overcome it, when we are ordered by authorities we will listen." That is what an American is.

In the book Huckleberry Finn, Americanism was a big thing, if you weren't American or white then you were a slave, you were known as basically a "nothing". I think that in our graffiti, a few words tie in with this, words such as Selfish, and Snobby. We were so selfish and snobby at these times, if you weren't white you were bought by someone, enslaved, and forced to work in the fields and on the farm. The American population was a selfish thing during these times, but the majority of the people felt this way so there were no laws against slavery and nobody took the initiative to try to make a change, it was just the thing to do.

Now, in the 20th century, you could categorize the U.S. in such words as Patriotism, having Pride, and being Free. Now a days everyone is free and allowed to make their own choices. At this point in time America is probably the most free, safest, and most dominant nation in the world. Now terrorists are trying to take our patriotism, pride and freedom away.