This paper is really not about the goverment but about Habitat for Humanity International. HFHI is an organization that builds houses for low income people.

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Since 1976 Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) has helped people fulfill their dreams by building decent houses around the globe with the help of the community and thousands of volunteers. Since the day HFHI was founded more than 150,000 houses have been built and more than 625,000 people worldwide have been sheltered and the numbers are still rising. Everyday a new house is being built, new families are being sheltered, and new doors are being opened to kids thanks to Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity International provides affordable and comfortable housing a chance for a community to reach out to others, and, more importantly, a better future for children who live in poverty.

Millard Fuller was a graduate of Auburum University in Alabama and the University Of Alabama Law School at Tuscaloosa. Mr. Fuller and one of his old friends from college Morris Dees, started a business while they were still in school and at the age of twenty-nine Millar Fuller was already a millionaire.

"He and his law-school partner, Morris Dees, began a direct-mail company that sold holly wreaths, tractor cushions, doormats, and books[...]" (Gaillard 4). Because of all the time that his work demanded Fuller could not spend much time with his family and that led to some problems for his wife. "On a November Saturday in 1965, she told him she was leaving, going away to New York to sort through her confusion" (Gaillard 4). As the days passed without his wife, Fuller was a confused, until he decided to visit her in New York.

Once in New York Mr. Fuller and his wife had a talk, "...he told her he was willing to give away his business. Actually, he said, he was planning to sell it and give away the...