This paper is related to communication in a personal care home. it discusses staff-patients relationship, staff-staff, and patient-patient nonverbal and verbal cues

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Personal Care Home Visit

Introduction Personal Care Home Visit

Communication is a method we utilize to connect the gap between knowledge and comprehension. Communication is a fascinating constant factor in today's society. People persistently communicate verbally, through the internet, on the phone, non-verbally, television and in many more different ways. Today, we have a means of mass communication. My observational research was over span of about 2 1/2 hours on a Saturday March 27th, 2004 at a personal care facility. I was able to observe quite a bit during this time. As students it is important to observe patient-patient communication, staff-patient communication and staff-staff communication. I will also be observing the pro's and cons of communicating at a personal care home facility. By doing this, I will be able to determine what communication techniques to use and not to use once I become a nurse.

Patient And Patient Communication

We cannot forget that patients in a personal care home are human beings and want to be accepted.

Patients want to be treated as people and want to be appreciated. Some patients don't get along with others and we have to respect that. I observed that some residents were annoyed of others and others got along quite well. I found that the residents at the facility were frustrated and angry when they were being ignored by other residents. A number of residents could not verbally communicate clearly and words were jumbled and slurred. During conversations I noticed some residents were not making any sense to each other. However, their verbal and non-verbal communication seemed to depict that they understood exactly what the other was saying. These patients clearly had some sort of dementia or Alzheimer's. Yet, they are still human and also want the human contact and acceptance that we all...