Paper is about truffles(mushroom used for cooking), where they originated, different types used in cooking.

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Truffles are a mushroom used in many ingredients in top dollar recipes. They are considered a delicacy and are very hard to come across. Truffles are grown underground which is called "Fungus Hypogee".

These truffles were found back in history but was not documented. They were discovered after a farmer saw his pig digging and eating this so called "poisonous underground mushroom". He waited and was concerned that she was soon going to die but as the days went by she nothing ended up happening. After this the farmer was convinced that these mushrooms were not poisonous and decided to try one his self. In fact he did and did not die and legends say his childish marriage turned into a family with 13 kids.

Pigs were used to hunt for these delicate truffles. The owners had to watch the pigs closely because when the pigs came across the sweet smell of truffles they had to pull the 200 pound pig away from eating them.

For this reason dogs were trained to replace the pig so they could be pulled away easier.

Truffles are rare to find growing so scientist tried to cultivate the fungi. Louis XIV, King of France was the first to put a research team together to find a way to raise these special mushrooms. Scientist soon found out it was impossible to cultivate and gave up. The only way is to let mother nature to it's thing and hope for the best.