Parables why study parables?

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The study of parables is very imporant because many messages and lessons can be taught through parables. Jesus used parables to teach the people to whom he spoke to. This is important because some people might have not learned what jesus was sayin through just normal speaking or lecturing. Taking into account that lecturing can be extremely boring, parables where a great way to grab the attention of the people to whom listen.

The parable of the three servents starts off with three servents working for their master in his house. The master was going to leave for some long amount of time and he decided to leave his three servents a sum of money to see what they would do with it. To the first servent he gave 4000 silver pieces, to the second he gave 2000, and to the last he have 1000. The master went off and the first and second servents put their money in the bank to collect interist while the thrid servent buried his masters money in the grounf fearing that he might lose it.

When the master came back he asked what his servents had done with the money. The first two went and got the money showing their master that they had doubled his money. The master was very happy with the first two servents but when the thrid servent came to his master with the same amount of money his master go angry and sent him off to work somewhere else while he threw a feast for the first two servents

The parable of the three servents has a very easy to understand message. The message was that if you are given a "chance", you should use that "chance" to its fullest capability. The reason Jesus used parables was that simple...