Paradise Lost 2: Revelations - A Look Into the Terrifying World of Justice This article is an in depth analysis of the movie Paradise Lost and Paradise Lost 2 Relevations.

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Introduction to Criminal Justice

April 25, 2004

Paradise Lost 2: Revelations - A Look Into the Terrifying World of Justice

The releasing of the 1996 documentary film called Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills brought worldwide attention to a crime which occurred in a tiny, rural, and forgotten town of West Memphis, Arkansas. The film gives viewers a shocking depiction of the criminal trial, which ultimately ended with the conviction of a trio of teenagers for the brutal murders of three second graders. Because of its widespread critical acclaim and many newly found activists, the filmmakers have made a sequel entitled Paradise Lost 2: Revelations.

In this continuation, the movie follows the appeals process of the young men and presents newly found evidence of the murders. The case which involved a great deal of ignorance, prejudice and lack of legitimate evidence made viewers question whether the aspects of the criminal justice system were served.

The basic tenet of the American legal system and the presumption of being innocent until proven guilty were clearly discarded in order to provide vengeance for the murders of the three innocent children. Under question in this case is not merely whether the three convicted; Jessie, Jason and Damien are guilty or innocent; but, whether the correct legal processes were upheld to secure their conviction.

This controversial case began on the afternoon of May 6, 1993, when the West Memphis Police Department (WMPD) came to a startling discovery of 3 missing bodies in a near by creek area of West Memphis, Arkansas. The boys were reported missing by their parents a day earlier and were found cut, mutilated, and were later found to have bite marks on their faces Because of the nature of the crime, police officers were under extreme...