Paradise Lost

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Paradise Lost- Speech of Belial Here is the speech, rewritten in modern prose (lines 108- 225): On the other side of the hall, Belial stood up. He was a graceful and fair person and was high in dignity. He was an incredible rhetorician by and could sway the minds of people through his speech.

"I agree with you, Moloch, and I hate the beings of heaven, also. If we do go to battle, we must realize that there are many problems. The towers of heaven are guarded with armed watch and there is almost no way we can get through them. If we surprise them at night and cover Heaven's purity with the blackness of hell we may have a small chance of making it past the tower. Even if we did that, God would sit on his throne unmoved. If we go up against Heaven, it will be the end of us.

But, if we are good, our angry enemy, God, may have pity upon us and think that we have learned our lesson and he may take it easy on us. Moloch, you said that nothing is worse than sitting down here in Hell and that we should attack Heaven for that reason. I can surely think of some things worse. Do you think that sitting here with each other, talking to each other, and being armed is the worst thing possible? I think not. What about when we laid in the burning lake? That surely was worse. What if the air that keeps those hot fires going blew seven times as hard and covered us in flames? Or if, from above, vengeance's arm should come down upon us and plague us? What if all of the holes in Hell were opened and fire shot out of every...