Paraguay; facts about the country; I included photos,and a map.

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Paraguay is a country in South America, about the size of California. Paraguay was founded by Juan de Salazar on August 15, 1537. It was ruled by Spain until May, 1811.

Paraguay's population is distributed unevenly due to the conditions of the Parguan River. On the eastern side ot the Paraguan River is grassy plains, wooded hills and tropical forests with temperate weather. On the west side ot the Paraguan River it has low, flat marshy plains and a seniarid temperature. The capitol city is Asuncion, which lies on the Paraguan River. About ninety five percent of the population is Spanish and Guaran. The majority of the population speak Spanish. Guaran and Spanish are the official languages. Germans, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Arabs, Brazilians and Argentines are some who have settled in Paraguay.

About ninety percent of Paraguans are Roman Catholic. The rest of the population are Protestant.

Paraguay's natural resources are hydroelectric sites and forests.

Parguay's agriculture is cotton, sugar cane and soybean. Manufacturing products are sugar, cement, textiles and wood products. Paraguay trades meat products, lumber, vegetable oil, yerbamate, cotton and soybeans.

The countries hydroelectric resources include the world's lergest hydroelectric generation facility at the Itaipu Dam. It lacks significant mineral or petroleum resources. The economy is dependent on exports of soybean, cotton, cattle, timber and electric generation.

Paraguay is governed by an electer president and is a Constitutionsl Republic government. Luis Gonzalez Macchi has been Paraguay's president for five years. He selects a cabinet. The Supreme Court is the highest court. The senate and the president select nine members to join the Supreme Court.

The United States has assisted Paraguay in development since nineteen thirty seven. The United States has given more then five million dollars to help Paraguay. The United States also...