Paralells in My Brilliant Career

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The position the paper is written is different than most papers. It was written for a film class rather than a literature class. Paper was good. Lacked detail from the film.

Paralells in My Brilliant Career

Obtaining ones goals in life is not an easy task. There are many obstacles that can

prohibit one from doing so. What separates the weak from the strong? The ability to

overcome the obstacles and reach your goal. This was most evident in the movie, My

Briiliant Career, it is a stunning example of how one can go through trials and tribulations

and still be successful. The parallel between the movie, reality, and Australian history is

very clear in this film.

In the movie we meet a young lady by the name of Sevilla. Her dream is to write a

novel. Unfortunately that is not conducive to the goal of her parents. So her parents tell

her she can move in with her grandmother.

This works to Sevillas advantage because her

grandmother appreciates art and the beauty of such talents. This is the first triumph that

we witness, but as we know there is always some other adversity to overcome. That is

what we do , we travel with her through her life and experience the joys and pains that she

experiences. While on this journey we find out some important things about our leading

lady. First we discover that she is a woman with a mission and that she will go through

any length to get it. We also find out that love is very important to her. for example she

has a man that is courting her and is a womans dream. He is handsome and rich, also has

a good family name. In fact her grandmother who is very...