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Movie Critique

The job of a movie critic is to attend a movie upon its release and afterwards write a well thought out and thorough review of that movie. Even if the movie is dreadfully boring or four hours long they have to sit through it because their readers are going to expect a review on that movie regardless so that they can come to a conclusion on rather or not they should attend the movie. In this case the movie was Paranormal Activity 3, in theaters Oct. 21, 2011. In the spirit of Halloween directors, Henry Joost and Ariel Shulman released the third project of the paranormal saga. Critics Adam Graham of the Detroit News, Newark Star-Ledger critic Stephen Whitty, and Toronto Star's Peter Howell were all in attendance for the movie's release. Amongst the topics they addressed in their reviews, they all seemed to touch on three in particular: Cast and directors, the plot of the movie, and the length of the film.

Paranormal Activity 3 is a horror film starring: Katie Featherston as Katie Rey, Chloe Csengery as young Katie, Sprague Grayden as Kristi Rey, Jessica Tyler Brown as young Kristi, Brian Boland as Daniel Rey, Hallie Foote as Lois the grandmother, Lauren Bittner as Julie Rey, and Christopher Nicholas Smith as Dennis. Paranormal Activity 3 played as a prequel to the previous two movies. The movie takes place in California in 1988. It tales a story of two little girls Kristi and Katie Rey, who develop an imaginary friend named Toby not knowing that friend they have made is actually a demon haunting their home. Their mother Julie Rey is of course skeptical to the allegations that there is an apparition living amongst them. However when their stepdad Dennis starts to hear things in...