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English 101

Descriptive essay

September 23, 2014

I have lived down by the water ever since I was a little girl. Going down to the jersey shore on a daily in the summer is a routine for me. Trying new things is always something exciting I like to do. This summer I tried something even more thrilling. I gave myself up to the ocean and the air in the sky for a day. An experience I will most definitely want to try again.

This summer I took my first ride ever parasailing. The boat that took my boyfriend john and I was a pretty decent size. The captains were extremely nice. A plus was the entire time on the boat us passengers got to listen to rock music on the radio. The music gave more of a thrill and pumped up feeling. The other passengers were filled with excitement giving an ease to a decision I was a little apprehensive about having.

The life jackets were neon orange, you would never lose anyone of us on the boat. This day was a new milestone in my life

The ride out to the middle of the sea to take off made my stomach cringe as if someone was poking at it nonstop. The blood through my veins was rushing through my entire body like you wouldn't believe. These feelings I was having were not bad feelings. These feelings made me feel amazing inside. While we rode along the water we hit many bumps in the waves, throwing us up into the air like bouncy balls. We were going so fast at one point that we just got completely soaked by the water that came over board. At one point we slowed down to see the magnificent view of dolphins ahead...