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"The Pardoner's Tale" was part of the Canterbury Tales written by Geoffrey Chaucer. There are many levels taught in this story such as: the moral being greed, an ironic tale commenting on human nature, along with evidence to help understand the view and personality of the Pardoner.

The Pardoner's Tale tells a story about three men that were very greedy. The moral of the story in the end was to warn against greed. This story works as this moral because it teaches what greed does and how to avoid it. These men find out one of their friends has recently died and now they are on the lookout for Death. On their way to find Death, they meet an old man and have a talk with him. He says something about knowing where death is and tells them, " The three men are very happy to find out where Death is.

When they get there they don't find death they find gold and lots of it. This is where the greed starts to kick in. They talk about how they will be able to share it three ways. Later on the youngest boy leaves and the other to plot to kill the youngest. They do this because they are very greedy and splitting the money with two is better than with three. The youngest boy also becomes very greedy and plots a plan to kill the other two by poisoning them. So with everyone being very greedy something bad is going to happen. (INSERT QUOTE ABOUT GREED IS THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL.) These three men knew this was true, but never really thought about money being the greed that will kill them. In the end, the two friends kill the youngest and drink the wine (with the...