A Parent of a Deaf Child's view on the IEP Process in a school setting

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The women I interviewed *****, an American Indian mother of a freshman boy, --------, who was born deaf. -------- used to be completely deaf, however, now after many surgeries, he is hearing but still finds problems with speech and concentration. -------- was born and raised in (City). -------- has had an IEP since he was in First Grade. When asked about an IEP process that ***** thinks would be relevant for my assignment, she wanted to reflect on the most recent meeting they had five weeks ago.

-------- now attends (HS Name) High School and their Special Education Program is a new implemented program. The Special Ed students are not completely mainstreamed. Currently, ***** is not sure how exactly she feels about the current program that -------- is placed in since it is the first time -------- is mainstreamed since preschool. She is not even sure how the district will respond to this new program.

***** mentioned that there is a hard of hearing specialist that has followed -------- through his schooling. ***** said --------'s case manager has been very helpful with letting them know whenever there is a test coming up or a problem. She said his English and Math teachers seem to be great. However, she feels --------'s World History teacher doesn't even know who he is because the class size is so big and -------- just sits quietly in the back of class and tries to comprehend what is taking place in class.

***** said that it has been interesting to see how the IEP meetings have changed through the years and she has seen how the schools priorities have changed. She said that in --------'s earlier days in 1993, the first IEP meeting was very easy with little paper work. Now she says that there is...