Parent-Teacher Relationships

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A common problem with the parent, teacher relationship in our school system today is the fact that parents expect teachers to teach students things that should be taught in the home. More and more teachers are feeling the stress of helping increasing numbers of students cope with parents not being involved enough in school, behavioral problems, and personal problems such as issues in the home, according to a survey conducted by the American Teachers? Federation (ATF).

?The survey shows that teachers are increasingly feeling torn between their love for teaching children, the school curriculum and the myriad of roles they assume, ranging from counselor, psychologist to social worker in helping to address their students? immediate needs,? says ATF member Marilies Rettig at the federation?s Annual General Meeting.

Parents expect teachers to do their jobs for them. Anything that goes wrong parents blame teachers and do not think about what a teacher is meant to do, educate.

When parents prepare to send their children back to school they think about school supplies, new bedtimes, and the onset of homework. But parents shouldn't forget to assess their own involvement in their child's school and education. ?There is a growing expectation from good schools that parents will be more actively involved in their children's education than in any other time in history,? says Dr. Sharon Ramey, co-author of Going to School: How to Help Your Child Succeed ? A Handbook for Parents of Children Ages 3-8 ?More than three decades of research shows that families have greater influence over a child?s academic performance than any other factor-including schools.? Says William R. Mattox Jr., a writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader. Parents should know week by week what a child is learning. Many parents couldn?t tell you this, which to me...