Parental Advisory on Music.

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Censorship in music is a topic that has been debated on for several years. There

have been many different disputes on the topic, but the question still remains as if it

should or should not be censored. People believe that music should be censored so all

audiences can hear it without the controversial lyrics. Others believe it should not be

censored and musical artists should be able to sing whatever they want without anyone

censoring them. Religious beliefs have a strong impact on how a person feels about

censorship, and as times pass the beliefs on it may change. Right now, America is

more uncensored than ever. However, things were very different a few years ago.

Some people believe music should be censored. They believe some of the language

musical artists use is too vulgar. Also the fact that music is played on the radio and

there are many parents that would not want their kids to hear it.

So on radio any

controversial language is either silenced, edited out by a soft sound, or some artists

make two versions of their songs. This does not include cable television, which can be

reviewed by parents since the parents pay for the channel to be viewed. The right to

freedom of speech, and censorship is violating peoples' rights to say whatever they

want to say. It is sometimes difficult to understand when a child gets punished for using

foul language while the child's parents have the right to criticize the government

whenever they feel the need to do so. Many musical artists feel that when they are

forced to change lyrics their rights are being violated. In some artists' songs they like to

express their feelings towards somebody or something, and it hurts them to be

censored because...