Parental Controls: Their History and How Out of Control They Have Gotten

Essay by Robkatz September 2004

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Parental Controls and Censorship

Parental controls and censorship have gotten way out of control. Over the years there has been advances in technology to block violence and sex from youth afraid they would be influenced by what they are seeing. Also, parental controls have been becoming more and more strict on what is appropriate and inappropriate for younger kids and teens to see. If nothing happens to change the way this is going soon, it seems like younger kids and teens will pretty much lose all their constitutional rights. Parents should not block off all these things they find so inappropriate for their kids and teens to see because that just gets them more interested and curious. They should educate and inform their kids on how fake and unrealistic it all is and then give them the option to see for themselves.

On March 4, 1996 the Online Parental Control Act was introduced.

This Act allows parents to block anything and everything they found to be inappropriate. Then on July 16, 1997 the company SafeSurf introduced a "Proposal for a Safe Internet Without Censorship". This proposal would not block off the Internet, but it would make the people posting these things have to put warnings and no sneak previews of inappropriate materials. If a child or teen did happen to see these inappropriate materials, and was not shown a warning first, then the site would be fined a certain amount per offense. This proposal is used, but parents seem to think blocking their kids from these things is still the right way to go. Since the late 90's, TV's have been coming out with a parental controls setting, so parents can block certain television show and certain channels. Parents think that if kids are exposed to violence and sex...