Parental Supervision and Teen Pregnancy

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Of all the many things in this universe there still remains an entity that surpasses the rest in power. This entity is the family. It has stood the tests of time as the foundation of human life on this planet. However, there are strongholds forming against the strength of the family. One "stronghold" in particular is teen pregnancy. It disrupts the balance of the family by adding stress and many other problems into the household. The research in this paper will explore the relationship of teen pregnancy and parental supervision from the household to determine if and how they are related.


H1: Teens who have babies are more likely to have had them due to a lack of parental supervision.

H2: What parents allow their teens to watch and listen to at home is directly associated with the high birth rates of the United States.

H3: Parents who do not educate their children about sex and it's dangers are more likely to have teens who give birth before marriage.

Review of Literature

In the United States alone, more than one million teens become pregnant each year. Half of these teenagers give birth and over three million teens will acquire some sort of sexually transmitted disease. These are the kind of statistics that should make one wonder why they are so high. One conclusion that many people have arrived at is a lack of parental supervision in the home. What is "parental supervision" after all? Well, according to my research, this term refers to a "parents connectedness with their children" ( To be "connected" as this source implies, would require the parents to take an active role in the life of their child/children. A large number of studies indicate that parent/child connectedness is associated with...