Parental Supervision Required, a short story.

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Jackie heard a voice coming from outside. She was alone at home. Her parents were at work, her sister at uni, and her brother was sailing. She opened her window and she heard two women talking, but she couldn't hear what they were saying. Jackie wasn't usually an eaves-dropper, but the voices were distracting her from her reading. Jackie put down her book, and walked outside. The women's voices became clearer as Jackie walked closer toward the conversation. A child's voice came in.

"No, mummy, I'm not going to Aunty Wendy's. Daddy bought me new dolls yesterday and I haven't played with them yet and…""That's okay, Emma. You can take your new toys to Aunty Wendy's house. It's only for a little while. I need someone to look after you while I'm out," the woman's voice said. Jackie recognized the voice as her next door neighbour.


Stop yelling, and come with me. We'll bake cookies if you want." The other woman's voice was harsh and aggressive.

Jackie looked over the side fence and saw who the voices belonged to. It was Mrs Queenston, her four year old daughter, and Wendy, Mrs Queenston's stepsister. They were standing on their driveway.

"NO. Mummy, please don't make me go - I'll come with you, just NOT HER!""I can't, Emma, I can't take you with me, I have too much…""Ooh!Puppy dog! Here, puppy!" Emma's voice suddenly became excited as a small, stray dog came happily jogging down the middle of the street. The puppy had long brown fur, floppy ears and the biggest blue eyes. It looked at Emma, and walked to the further side of the road.

"PUPPY!" Emma called after the dog.

"Emma, I've got...