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Parenting As a young child, growing up with my parents was the joyous experience I could ever have. Yea, some say being a child is the best, and I can say that that is true because it is such a fun and a great source of many different learning experiences before you get older and don't cherish them as much. Whenever my mom or dad would do anything or go anywhere, my first instinct would be to help them by going on an adventurous drive to even the simplest place, like the grocery store. They are the ones that made it fun and eventful for me. They taught me things that they knew I would need for everyday life. Without their help and love I would probably be a kid with a bad reputation who does awful things and shame my parents for being theirs. Thank goodness for my parents who raised me with morals the know how of " right and wrong."

Living in Madera, California was a pure hell trap waiting to be unleashed and snapped. Living in the country with my family helped that trap to not be snapped and never be seen. That town was so full of hate, violence and drugs that we wanted to move up to Redding. The only thing I had to do for entertainment was hang out in the country and work on the farm. My mom knew that both my sister and I loved animals so she would get a couple kinds of animals and continue to swap with other kinds throughout the years. Even after having horses, pigs, rabbits, dogs, goats, sheep, ferrets, cows, and birds, we couldn't get enough. She knew we couldn't live without them and that's why she would do it. When I was happy...