Parenting, misunderstandings and responsibilities.

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As many people know being a parent is one of the biggest responsibilities they will have in their entire lifetime. It requires much time, especially during a child's adolescence. Being a good parent is loving your child for one part, and other qualities that must be taken up to be a good parent are: supporting them financially and emotionally, not putting them down, letting them have some independence, and communicating well with them. A good parent also lets them talk and doesn't talk back. Kids now need to be heard instead of just being lectured, and not being able to talk and voice their opinion about whatever it is they're talking about. Parents should not neglect their child, and should always show love and support for them to be stronger as they go out into the real world as adults. Being a good parent is a hard task, and is achieved through love.

Fictional characters such as Mike and Carol Brady from the sitcom " The Brady Bunch," represent a would-be model American family, while in reality that amount of perfection is impossible. Mike and Carol Brady excel in the qualities a good parent should have. They are always available when their kids need them, and they also manage to keep their marriage from going up in flames, which is not easy especially since they have six kids all in their teen years. A time in the show when Jane, their daughter had run away, they still managed to keep the family together even at a crisis such as this. Mike and Carol Brady are the perfect parents, and that's how many people want to be to their children, but the thing is there is no such thing as a perfect parent. There are no perfect parents, but there...