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Helen Keller was a blind and deaf child. She starts learning with her teacher Miss Sullivan, she teach her a lot of thing like how to spell doll with giving a doll in her hand, and how to spell water with putting her hand on water and teach her a feeling of water. Helen Keller life teach us that nothing is impossible in this world, we can learn as much we can. We dont have to take the things hard in life, if someone wants to become engineer, he can become engineer, he has to learn the things he need it. We have to work hard in order to acheive things in life and we dont have to stop learning till death either its easy or hard. Eeverything goes step by step like life goes step by step first we have to do the initials things means first we have to start from the bigennig and then second step and goes on.

If we stop learning things in our life we wil not acheive anything and in the end we will feel sorry for us. So never stop leanring in life like Helen Keller. Acheivers works hard till end thats why they called acheivers.