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Parents always complain that their kids don't listen to them, take them seriously or show them any respect. In order for parents to get respect from their children, they must earn it. Parents cannot give in to whining, temper tantrums, or pressure. This shows that kid that they are just as strong as their parent. Parents have to stop trying to be their child's best friend, because kids have enough friends, what they really need is a parent.

The most common mistake parents today make is giving in too easily when their child wants something. The parents get frustrated and annoyed at the whining and crying that they will do what the child is demanding. By doing this the parents are setting a pattern for the future and teaching the child that if they through a temper tantrum or annoy their parent enough they will get what they want.

Parents are letting the child know at a young age that they so not do not demands or even deserves respect from the child because the child can walk all over them and get whatever they want in the process. In order to get respect from a children when they do this parents should tell them that if they are good for a week they will buy it for them or do it for them. This will not only teach them the value of responsibility but it will show them that the parent is in charge and in the future the parent will get more respect.

Also when parents ask their children to do something, such as take out the garbage, don't do it for them. By doing this the parent is showing the child that if they put something off long enough their mom or dad will be there...