Parents hosting Teenage Drinking Parties

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A controversial issue that is being discussed today is whether or not parents should host teenage drinking parties in their homes. This is a very safe and good way for parens to watch their children's actions. They are able too see and control what their children's while their are intoxicated. Parents hosting Teenage Drinking parties is not a bad idea; it is a safe and good way for parents to allow their kids to drink. People who are against this issue should take a few things into consideration.

The parents who agree to host these parties keep a close eye on their children. They can also control what they do. So their children aren't out doing things that could either get them into serious trouble or worse even hurt doing. The parents can teach their children a few things at these parties such as, good judgement, how to live in a largley drinking world, how to drink in moderation, and they also show that alcohol is not a problem that simply it is the abuse of alcohol that is the problem.

THese parents are in total control of these parties and have certain rules made such as car keys are taken at the door and that no one is to over drink, or leaves the party unless they show no signs of being drunk.

Whether on not these parties go on will not stop parties or teenage drinking it will only make these kids go to an unsafe environment to drink. "To allow our children to drink in their own home with supervision is a more safer way then forbidding it and them doing it anyway at an unsupervised party". Parents who host make it where teenagers who wish to drink, don't have to go to a party where...