Parents Influence Their Children in Many Way

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Children are tender beings who can be affected easily by their surroundings. Their parents are their core influencers as they are the closest relative they have. Children grow up reflecting their parents' identity. Parents influence their children positively or at times negatively. Many children often say that their parents are wonderful and lovely and others say that they don't like them, this clearly indicates that parents' behavior towards them have influenced their children's thoughts and mind. The love and respect a married couple share, their behavior towards their child regarding their education and parents' habits, are some of the aspects which influence a child.

In terms of marital life of the parents, if the couple respect and love each other, this would influence the child to possess same qualities and the child will tend to respect and love his or her parents. On the other hand if the couple does not get along and their day to day life is filled with quarrels, hatred and arrogance, their children will grasp these behaviors and they will surely use such behaviors towards others and the respect and love they would otherwise have for their parents will never exist in them.

When it comes to their children's education, parents attitude become more severe. The way parents handle their children regarding their education brings a reflective outcome. When parents encourage their children to study, children would most likely do so and if they don't score according to their parents' desire, the latter will encourage them to work harder, this approach will expectedly influence the children positively. It can be argued that some parents do not do so, instead they act harsh on children and consequently fear intrudes in them, this as a result brings feelings of hatred and disgust

Furthermore, the positive and negative habits of the parents will definitely affect the children. A parent, who is a smoker, will unquestionably influence the children in accepting the same habit. A parent who consumes alcohol would be wrong to advise his or her child not to consume alcohol, because a child logically follows his or her parents' footsteps.

To summarize, parents are the core influencers on their children, a child would according to their parents' acts, and therefore parents should always influence their children in a way that would cheer their children to live a successful life.