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In growing up, just with everything else in life you will run into problems. The problem that almost all adolescents will face is the problem of peer pressure. This is "when a child does something he or she does not want to do as a result of being pressured by peers."(Rimm, Intranet) Peer pressure is a part of almost all children's lives. Some children will be "very athletic, and not face the same type of peer pressure." (Adler, pp. 39) "Sports are a very powerful socializing agent."(Henslin, pp. 70) While parents can't protect their children from experiencing peer pressure, there are steps they and take to minimize its effects. In my following essay I will explain the different steps to which a parent can take to stop peer pressure from their adolescent and also ways in which the adolescent themselves can stay away from peer pressure.

Peers influence children and adults alike.

But children who are still in the process of developing a value system are more vulnerable to negative influences. "Parents should take a proactive position in discussions about friendships during early childhood to lay the foundation for children making good choices later."(Rimm, Intranet) The way you can help your children make good decisions about friendships is by teaching them early about what being a good friend means, thus "giving them some criteria for selection of friends."(Rimm, Intranet) The following is the different steps in which a parent can help their adolescent stay away or minimize peer pressure.

The first way in which the parent could help is by "Prohibiting a Friendship." "Somewhat effective at middle school, and possibly at early high school but not likely beyond that"(Rimm, Intranet) this is a clear message to your child that, you wish he...