Parents are our teachers

Essay by misiF, July 2006

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From birth onwards children see many people and try to imitate them. I think parents are most influencing persons in children's life. Children look upon parents for solving their problems. They teach good values and morals of life to their children.

Children see parents from our childhood and try to imitate things the way they do. For example, the way our parents help each other. My father helps my mom in the kitchen in cooking and cleaning, looking after us , in gardening etc. I learned the importance sharing our daily routines and now I help my life partner. And this will go on to my children and they will help their life partners in future.

Parents set good life values for their children. My father does not drink nor smoke. He tells us that when you drink or smoke you are hurting your own body. This attitude of my father towards alcohol and cigarette have so much influenced in my life that I do not touch those things ever in my life.

Children learn the value of being truthful from their parents.

Children watch their parents in their day today life and see how they deal with situations. They learn values of hospitality towards our guests from their parents. They understand the value of helping a needy person. So I strongly think that parents are the best teachers that a child ever have.