As parents, we need to understand that adolescents.

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As parents, we need to understand that adolescents are at a very vulnerable stage of their lives and their relationship with their parents is essential. However, as adolescence progresses, teenagers feel like they no longer need to depend on their parents. And a lot of parents are not prepared for the development their teenagers go through, so they feel overwhelmed by the new person they are faced with. Therefore, the connection between parents and teenagers becomes frail.

We all know from past experiences or from families and friends that parenting a teenager is not a task in which one would call easy. In any society, teens have a natural need to establish their identity. For parents, this usually means dealing with some conflict in the home as adolescents are exercising their personal autonomy. However, separating from parents and establishing own individuality is a normal and necessary step in life and personal development for all teenagers.

Teenagers also go through a phase in life when they question themselves. At this stage of adolescence, teenagers often look for the answers by challenging authority and teenage rules. Therefore, teenagers need parents who can stand firm in the face of their incoherent and unpredictable behaviour.

I believe, if parents stay interested and keep up with their teen's activities and friends, but not to pry into their lives, they can have a powerful positive impact on their relationship. Teenagers need the security of knowing what is acceptable and unacceptable to their parents. It is also important to show affection even in difficult situations. Teenagers need to know that they are loved by their parent's unconditionally and they will stand by them no matter what.

I would like to leave you with a final statement that I established through my years of counselling.